Partners in Prevention

What is Partners in Prevention?

Partners in Prevention is Missouri's higher education substance abuse consortium dedicated to creating healthy and safe college campuses. Missouri State University is part of this coalition comprised of 21 public and private college and university across the state of Missouri. 

Campus judicial officials, law enforcement, and campus prevention professionals are encouraged to take part in both their local efforts and the state wide Partners in Prevention coalition. PIP focuses on preventing high-risk and underage drinking among Missouri's college students and addressing other problematic health behaviors such as high risk driving issues and gambling. 

How does Missouri State participate? 

Each college and university involved with PIP is required to write and implement a strategic plan for prevention in order to decrease problematic health and safety behaviors on campus and in their community. To identify progress of their goals, and to obtain data for program implementation, each campus implements the Missouri Assessment of College Health Behavior (MACHB), an annual, online survey implemented each spring semester. 

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For questions or concerns about Missouri State University's role in PIP please contact Jerilyn Reed at 417-836-4045 or

Learn how to Drive Safe and Smart with PIPs program: Drive Safe Drive Smart

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