Domestic Students

Student Insurance Information

Academic Healthplans

Academic Healthplans is the company that provides our international student coverage. The student can select according to their individual preferences with varying premiums and coverage. These insurance plans are not affiliated with Missouri State University.

Government Health Care

This is the federal health insurance web site. There are some provisions to obtain insurance sooner if the student has various qualifying events which are detailed in this literature.

Other Options 

  • Many students have been purchasing insurance through their parent(s)’ plans, up to student age 26.
  • Insurance can also sometimes be obtained through private agents or directly from the health insurance companies.

Magers continues to offer free basic office visits and reduced lab/radiology/pharmacy/consultant rates for the outpatient care needs of our fee-paying students. We hope the partial list of options above will help our students if they do not yet have health insurance coverage.