Tuberculosis Screening

  1. Anyone who thinks they may have active Tuberculosis disease should visit a Doctor at once.
  2. For those who do not feel ill, but are interested in screening to see if they may have been exposed to Tuberculosis, a TB test can be done 10 weeks after the possible exposure.
    1. These are some examples of risk categories for Tuberculosis infection:
      1. Been around a person known or suspected to have active Tuberculosis disease
      2. Born, or traveled/lived in high risk countries for 2 months or longer. Review a list of high risk countries (Appendix B from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Guam should be included on this list. 
      3. A volunteer or health care worker who served clients at increased risk for active Tuberculosis disease
      4. Lived, worked or volunteered in a high risk congregate setting, some examples would be: homeless shelters, correctional facilities, long term care facilities, or serving at-risk clients
      5. Members of higher risk communities, some examples are: medically underserved, alcohol or drug abuse
    2. If you are not ill, but believe you fall into a risk category for Tuberculosis infection, then please come to Magers for a TB screening test by our Treatment Clinic nurses.