Allergy Injections

Magers Health and Wellness Center’s goal is to maintain a desensitization program for students, faculty and staff who have begun an allergy injection program with his or her private allergist. Patients requesting to continue an established injection program must provide the following:

  • Initial allergist orders signed and dated by a physician. All subsequent orders must be signed and dated by a physician, their nurse practitioner or physician assistant.
  • Allergy serum labeled with:
    • Patient’s name
    • Expiration date
    • Dilution or concentration
    • Label on bottle matches information on schedule
  • Schedule that includes the frequency of administration
  • Steps to follow in event of missed doses or reactions
  • Must schedule appointment and wait for 30 minutes after injection. First time appointments are 1 hour.

Available times for appointments are as follows:

Monday: 8-10am

Tuesday: 8-10am

Wednesday: 8-10am and 1-4:15pm

Thursday: 9-11am and 1-4:15pm

Friday: 8-11am and 1-4:15pm


This information may be sent to:
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