Collegiate Recovery Program

What does CRP provide?

  • Peer to peer support
  • On campus support group meetings
  • Connecting students who are choosing to live a life free from substance use
  • Share support and accountability with other recovering students
  • Learn and grow through leadership and service opportunities
  • Alcohol-and drug-free social gatherings and events
  • Monthly wellness workshops (coming soon)

When does the CRP meet?

  • Weekly support group meetings take place on campus throughout the week. See the meetings tab for an up-to-date meeting schedule.
  • The CRP has frequent social gatherings, check our Facebook page for upcoming events.
  • This group is for any college student who is in recovery, may be new to recovery or contemplating recovery and those who support recovery. Come meet others who are alcohol and drug free.

For more information, sponsorship, or to volunteer, please email

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