COVID-19 Vaccination

COVID Vaccine Update 9/9/22:
The U.S. Food & Drug Administration has authorized two bivalent vaccine booster that are more effective against the existing variants of COVID-19.  
  • We are offering Pfizer Bivalent and Moderna Bivalent vaccine boosters (12 years and older). 
  • We continue to offer 1st time vaccination series or doses to complete the two-vaccine series (12 years and older). 
Who's eligible:
  • MSU students, MSU employees and retirees, and household members of employees (12 years and older). 
Appointments can be scheduled on the MyHealth portal

COVID-19 vaccine information

Pfizer bivalent vaccine and Moderna bivalent vaccine eligibility:
  • Must have completed primary vaccination series-(Pfizer, Moderna, or J & J)
  • At least two months after primary vaccination series or booster of Pfizer or Moderna
  • At least four months after last J & J vaccination
  • Age 12 and older may receive Pfizer bivalent booster
  • Age 18 and older may receive Moderna bivalent booster
  • If history of Recent Covid-19 infection, the guidelines for getting a bivalent booster include:
    • Have recovered from infection
    • Isolation discontinued
    • At least two weeks post infection
    • 3 months post infection current best recommendation for booster
    • May choose to get booster sooner if weakened immune system (discuss with your primary care provider)                               
Pfizer primary series (first and second dose vaccinations) for ages 12 and above:

Missouri State students, employees, retirees, and dependents, ages 12 and up, can receive the first and second doses of the Pfizer vaccine. The Pfizer second dose is taken at least 21 days after the first Pfizer dose.

CDC Vaccination Guidance for COVID-19

Additional information

If you need help, please call our front desk receptionists at 417-836-4000.

A federally approved administration fee will be charged for people with insurance and should be paid fully by the insurance.

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Proof of vaccination

If you received your COVID-19 vaccinations at Magers or have shared your COVID-19 vaccination records with Magers, this information can be obtained in the immunization section of your Electronic Health Record at the Magers MyHealth portal.

If you are traveling or need an immediate digital copy of your COVID-19 vaccination, this can be obtained in the immunization section of their Electronic Health Record at the Magers MyHealth portal.

Please bring your COVID-19 vaccination card to your COVID-19 vaccination appointment, so the vaccinator nurse can update your card.

Vaccination records entry

Students and employees who were vaccinated somewhere other than Magers can email your COVID19 vaccination status at Magers.

Submit a copy of your COVID19 vaccination card or other written documentation to Magers. Options include:

The documentation will be entered into your electronic health record at Magers.

Check your immunization record through the Magers MyHealth Portal one week later to confirm the vaccination record has been entered.